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Converting wood bandsaw to cut metal.

I have this old bandsaw that I picked up for next to nothing, it had a broken mount for the upper wheel.

I was able to buy a replacement mount, but while a wood bandsaw is nice I really needed one that would cut steel. This bandsaw had a multiple belt reduction already but it was not slow enough to cut steel.

I switched it to a 3-phase motor and added a VFD. The VFD not only allows me to run it 3-phase from single phase but also allows speed control from zero to what ever your motor will allow. Mine works from 0 to 120Hz, so I can run it faster than usual or slow enough to cut metal, all without changing the belt.

Bigger picture of vfd

Side draw chimney

I am using a little 10 gallon steel drum as my side draw forge chimney. I rescued the drum and the grain bin steel siding from a near-by dump.

The forge I have been using in the local museum is side-draft as are most of the smith's in the area. I like the side draft style as it leaves the fire unobstructed and actually pulls the smoke in much better than most overhead hoods.

I went cheap inspired by shady grove and really like how the round forge and round hood look together.

Large Image forge


I acquired this old forge through the local guild. It pays to remind people that you are looking. This is built inside an old steel tractor wheel. It is about 36 inches inside diameter. The blower required some oil, and a handle nwo it works great. Now I just need to build a side draft hood for it.

Armour from the TOPAKAPI musuem in Istanbul

This was labeled as the armour of the sultan's bodygaurd. The armour is a combination of maille and bands of metal. The rivited maille had a round cross section except for the overlapped ends.